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Alma Stalactites Cave

A combination of Rappelling and Caving, the Alma Cave is located in the Galilee area and is known as the longest cave in the North of Israel (almost 500 meters). Legends say Alma cave is the same cave mentioned in the bible as the cave in which the exiled Jews passed through on their way back from Babilon. Ancient writings tell of hundreds of tombs in which elder Rabbis are buried, but no one has ever found these tombs.

We will start the trip with an adrenaline lifting by doing the rappel into a big natural hole in the ground where the entrance to the cave is located. Down there we will crawl down into the underground and travel through the cave.

The Alma Cave is full of wonders: using headlamps we will watch inside the cave amazing natural phenomena such as Stalactites and Stalagmites and beautiful rock shapes which were created by water and time. The trip inside Alma cave includes climbing ladders up and down, crawling and maneuver from one boulder to another.
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Alma Stalactites Cave Location:
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