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israel tours


Our private caving expeditions fit many kind of tourists:
  • Tourist groups / families from all over the world
  • Single tourists who have a free-day during their vacation
  • Caving (Speleology) club members from around the world
  • Romantic couples who look for an amazing adventure
  • Special Bar/Bat Mitzva journey
Our proffessional guides will take you to unique locations in israel's most spectacular Crust and Salt caves. These beautiful, natural phenomena were created during millions of years below the holy land. Many of them were used by human-beings during the days of the Bible (some of them are actually mentioned in it) and some were found only during the last years.

Some of the caves are easy to get in, even by just walking into them. Some force you to get down on your knees and crawl inside, and some need to be entered only by Rappelling. The latter is one of the most thrilling experiences you'll ever have in your life! Imagine yourself a 70 m descent down right into a hollow cave full of Stalactites and Stalagmites and salt walls. Our proffessional guides will teach you how to use the rope and equipement with the Single Rope Technique to Rappell proffessionaly down into the cave. When already inside, we'll lead you through the underground maze while telling you the stories of the caves, their geological and historical facts. When tired, we'll rest for awhile making fire and driking hot coffee or tea to relax ourselves before we continue the exploration and reach the cave's exit out back to Israel's nature.

FILL IN THE CONTACT FORM BELOW and we'll contact you to start planning together your caving trip:
Israel is located geographicaly right above the Great Syrian-African Rift. This break in the earth's crust extends from Lebanon to Mozambique in southeast Africa, a long way of 4,500 miles. The Dead Sea, for example, which is also part of this rift, is 1,312 feet deep into the crust, and thus makes the Dead Sea the lowest place on the earth's surface at 1,310 feet below sea level. Because of the Great Syrian-African Rift, all of Israel is decorated with crust caves, from wonderful Bat and Stalactites caves in the North to amazing Salt caves in the South.
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israel tours