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Take a rappelling tour to one of the most beautiful canyons near the Dead Sea which holds amazing dry waterfalls and mysterious caves!

Canyon (or Wadi) Qumran is a very important spot in Israel's history. It holds lots of mysteries and archeological discoveries - the major of them are the Dead Sea Scrolls which were found by mistake when a Beduin kid was looking for his lamb. Hidden inside a small cave he found thousands of scrolls written in ancient hebrew text.

Once it was difficult to get into the canyon but today it's easy and comfortable. A beautiful path leads you to the top of the canyon where you will have an amazing view on the mirror-like waters of the Dead Sea and over Jordan mountains.

Here we will enter the dried river and start rappelling, one waterfall after the other, while the amazing vista of the Dead Sea is always in front of us. On the way you will be able to see the "hiding caverns" where archaeologists have dug precious artifacts, and the archeological site of the ancient village of Qumran.
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Qumran Canyon Location:

Dead Sea Scrolls Rappelling in Qumran Canyon

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