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We invite you to descend 70 meters in total into one of the most beautiful Stalactites cave in Israel: the Huta 6 cave. This is a vertical cave which requites rappelling down through a wide pit into a big hall full of amazing Stalactites and Stalagmites.

The cave has 3 main halls. After visiting the first and biggest one, we'll keep descending down to the next 2 halls. At the bottom hall we'll enjoy the mud statues which were made by past visitors during many years of caving.

The Trip is not a usual one. It is filled with adrenaline, amazing photographs, ropes, headlamps and the beautiful underground world.

After descending into a vertical cave there's the ascending part. We'll teach you how to use special devices which will enable you to ascend using the rope back to the surface.
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Descend into Huta 6 Cave

Huta 6 Cave Location:
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Exteriorate, Israel
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