israel tours 
israel tours
Israel has many places to visit. In fact, though it is very small, it has a vast variety of natural vistas and historical locations.

Israel travel are taken every day during the week and also the weekends. Our travels can be custom-made or picked from a long list of itineraries we have. It all depends of what you want. You can really let your imagination be totally free when you contact us. We actually inquire you to do it! We can give you any tour or extreme adventure you want - literally!
israel travel
israel travel

israel travel


The Israel travel we offer can include a tour to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, a climb to the ancient city of Massada in the Judean Desert or a trip to Zeffat in the North.

Israel travel in ancient cities

If you're looking for extreme adventures, our Israel travel can include rappelling in the Black Canyon in the North, visiting amazing Stalactite Caves all over the land, Rappelling down 90 meters into a Salt Cave near the Dead Sea or visiting the first Churches ever made in caves in the Judean Desert with frescoes painted some 1600 years ago!

Our Israel travels include also other kind of activities such as Team-building Activities, Bushcraft (Survival Skills) and even special activities for special occasions such as Birthdays, Bar Mitzvah, Proposals and Honeymoons. We can plan any special event you want to do, including field-catering, transportations all over Israel and much more.

One of the things we love personally is Caving. Most people don't know it, but Israel is full of caves, from Calcite to Salt Stalactites, tunnels and underground labyrinths. So if you're into Caving, we can light the headlamps and take you to explore the subterranean world of Israel.

All our guides learned in the best tourism and extreme schools in Israel, such as the Wingate School for Extreme Sports and all carry touring license. When they enter our company, they pass an even more thorough tutoring for special things we need from our guides to know in each and every trail we take our customers.

Our company has one of the biggest extreme insurance existing in Israel. It includes rappelling, travelling in the dark, caving, field cooking, animal riding and much more. Also, just in case, all our guides carry a satellite device which is connected to the international MAGNUS rescue organization.

Israel travel as an extreme activity


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israel tours