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One of the beautiful canyons in the Judean Desert is the Og Canyon, located North of the Dead Sea. Inside the deep rock walls of this magical canyon, Monks of old came to live in solitude and practice the ancient rituals of Christianity while meditating and connecting to nature and God.

In this wondrous canyon, they built amazing structures and used caves as their home. One of these caves is located just in the middle of a high cliff and is full of ancient frescoes with beautiful drawings of early Christianity icons, symbols and images - a perfect place for people who are having a pilgrimage to Israel!

The cave is not accessible to the common traveler as no road or path leads to it. The only way to access this cave is by rappelling into it from above. Our professional guides will bring climbing and rappelling equipment with them, and will show you how to abseil safely into the cave. Inside, you will be amazed of the magical environment this cave has, and together with our guides you will explore the wonderful wall drawings of this curious place.
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The Monks Cave Location:

Pilgrimage Trip to an Ancient Monks Cave

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