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Primitive skills refers to prehistoric handicrafts and pre-industrial technology. Primitive skills are those skills that relate to living off the land, often using handcrafted tools made from naturally gathered materials. Examples of primitive skills include: gathering and foraging native plants and animals for food, skinning and preparing game, basketry and pot making, constructing shelters, fire making, and useful plant identification.

Learn many ways to make fire, which is the basic tool we use to light and heat camps, and create a long list of essential things. Make incredibly functional and beautiful tools, from stone & bone, wood and steel; shelters and musical instruments; traps and snares; atlatls and spears; bows and arrows. Practice stalking and tracking skills, primitive fishing, native fiber arts, belly dancing and so much more.

People come from all across the world and other countries as well to learn the Primitive Skills of ancient Israel.

Our Primitive Skills courses include:
  • Create ancient beautiful tools and musical instruments
  • Learn to make traps
  • Practice the art of making fire
  • Make your own bows and arrows
  • Practice stalking and tracking skills
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