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Tmarim Canyon is a beautiful canyon which is less known to people, located at the North-West shore of the Dead Sea. The tour includes rappelling in 5 dry waterfalls, heighing: 75 m, 25 m, 55 m, 60 m and 55 m. The rappelling is done with professional and experianced guides. The Tmarim Canyon tour is circular, starting from Road 90 near a Dates plantation and the Canyon is named by it ('Tmarim' means 'Dates' in Hebrew). This is one of the most beautiful canyons in the North of the Judean Desert. From the top of each waterfall in the Tmarim Canyon you can see the amazing view of the Dead Sea and the Moab Mountains far away in Jordan.

After we will meet in the Dates plantation we will start walting on the circular trail up towards the mountains. It is a long hike of abour 1 hour and thus it is suitable only for people who are accustomed to hike. At the end of the climb you will enjoy the beautiful view of the Dead Sea. Walking deeper into the desert we will reach the Tmarim Canyon and start rappelling its magical waterfalls until we'll get to the shores of the Dead Sea and back to our cars.
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Tmarim Canyon Location:

Rappelling in Tmarim Canyon

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