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The North of Israel has many wonders to reveal to you: amazing landscapes with beautiful mountains covered with forests, green reserves with magical canyons and mysterious caves.

In our expedition you'll visit the top highlights of Israel's North, including an adventurous Kayaking trip to Rosh Hanikra's grottos, descending into a magical stalactite cave and even rappelling from a high cliff adjacent to the border with Lebanon.


The Unkown North of Israel

The North of Israel is a land of immense natural wonders, historical places, religious monuments and demographic diversity. From the Northern border with Lebanon to the capital city of the North: Haifa. It is decorated with beautiful mountain ranges such as the Carmel mountains, the Meron mountains and the green forests of the Galilee area. The Golan Heights, dotted with outdoor pursuits and historic value, give an amazing vista towards the beauty of the Sea of Galilee which is the lowest freshwater lake on earth. 

The Western Galilee is very different to the densely populated coastline that will be found further south, near Tel Aviv. Far scraggier, and less built up, the Western Galilee is full of beautiful coves and bays, and towns such as Akko, a crusader port which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Rosh Hanikra where amazing grottoes have been carved into the cliffs by the forces of the sea.
  • Explore the highlights of Israel's North
  • Learn about the history and geology of the North of Israel and its surroundings
  • Kayak through the Mediterranean Sea into the marine caves of Rosh Hanikra
  • Descend into a magical cave full of Stalactites and Stalagmites with the guidance of the National Speleological Society caver and Explorers Club member: Itai Schkolnik
  • Rappel a high cliff near the border with Lebanon

The North of Israel

We start from the beach, cross open ocean all the way to the caves of Rosh HaNikra, right on the border with Lebanon. We coordinate with the army and have a Navy boat watching us for security. As we paddle toward the caves, which we will go through in the kayaks, we see amazing geological forms created by the sea in the soft limestone. Then we paddle back to the beach.
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Kayaks to Rosh Hanikra Grottos

The Salamanders Cave

This 2-day expedition will take you to unknown places in the North of Israel. You will start the first day with an adventurous Kayaking through the Mediterranean Sea entering the Rosh Hanikra Grottos. After descending with a rope into a beautiful Stalactite Cave you will spend the night in a Druz village, learning about the esoteric culture of the Druz and its delicious food.

On the second day you can choose between doing another vertical cave or rappelling from a high cliff with an amazing view towards the forested mountains of the North and finish with an extreme "Via Ferrata" adventure.
Rappel into a wonderful karst cave full of stalagmites and stalactites. This cave is well hidden and not known to many. Our professional guides will take you safely into the cave, rappelling 25 meters down into the big hall full of geological wonders. Inside the hall you'll see beautiful Salamanders and Bats which inhibit the cave.

This cave will not reveal its wonders to you so easily. You will have to hike, rappel, crawl and climb to see the cave's best spots. The more we go into the cave, the best it gets.
The village has opened itself to tourists, while at the same time preserving its traditional Druze life style. The Druze are well-known for their warm hospitality and receive guests with smiling enthusiasm. The Peki'in residents are no exception, and welcome visitors into their homes, where they can get a close glimpse of Druze religious customs and traditions.

A Night with the Druz People

Descend into one of the most beautiful Stalactites cave in Israel: the Huta 6 cave, a vertical cave which requites rappelling through a wide pit into a big chamber full of amazing Stalactites and Stalagmites.

Huta 6 Cave

Dalton Cliff is located in Israel’s most beautiful forest, named Birya Forest. Surrounded by scenery and amazing views of the Golan, the Hulah Valley, Mount Hermon and the Galilee, its truly breathtaking. With an overwhelming amount of scenic greenery and frolicking animals this forest will connect you to the nature of Israel that will have you awed. On the cliff, you will enjoy a rappelling activity suitable also for the unexperienced ones.

Rappelling in Dalton Cliff

Travel through a protected climbing route using a steel cable that runs along the route and is periodically fixed to the rock. The Via Ferrata ("Cable Rout") is located on a beautiful cliff very close to the border with Lebanon. The view of Hula valley and the nearby forested mountains seen from the cliff is amazing and magical. You will be instructed by our professional rappelling guys how to use the harness to pass the different stations of the Via Ferrata and enjoy the final hours of the day in this spectacular extreme activity which not so many people know exists in Israel.

Via Ferrata adventure

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